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Its hard to find girls that will do it nude with a man in the bed. I am probably going to ask Rapture after the second video is done to do a Xenia Onatopp Sauna scene where she takes out Bond but I only want to do it if it can be done above and beyond expectations.

Send a private message to Onatopp. Its just the perfect femme fatale sequence to me. I'm hoping to get more people ordering custom videos with a Xenia Onatopp theme so I'm kind of promoting it on here. Xenia Onatopp reenactments. I think it would be pretty hot to see her take out James Bond. Xenia Onatopp scene question.

Xenia wood

They seem to have more cinematic videos and I think they could knock it out of the park if I could find the right model for it. Rapture is by far the best thus far. Hey, Just wanted to let you guys know that Rapture Goddess has a video I requested awhile back inspired by Xenia Onatopp from the movie Goldeneye.

I've been requesting videos from different models inspired by her. Thread Tools. Find all posts by Onatopp. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.

The seduction and then the sudden assassination. I didn't mind that but my preference would be a cinematic video that is quick and lethal like the one in the movie. Custom Videos. Personally I've always been into the scene where Xenia crushes the admiral. I've been trying to get Ludella Hahn to do a Xenia video but she has thus far ignored all messages. Don't get me wrong though, a super hot reverse head scissor KOing a man for real is something I love just as much. It features her nude dominating a man in bed. Send a private message to XOL.

Find all posts by XOL. Onatopp Member.

I might try to find a clips4sale store like Missa or Primal Taboo and ask for a sauna scene where James Bond doesn't make it out alive,the way it should have been. Yeah, I liked the Sophia Stone one. They're ok I also requested one for Wenona which is being shot in mid June.

There are some scissor vixen models like Kaylee Rose who I think would be absolutely perfect for a Xenia video but I have no way to contact models like her who aren't that active. Xenia Onatopp's bodyscissor is a little more fantasy than reality. Reason: Spelling error. It's on her Clips4Sale and its called Golden Rapture. Send a private message to slcglenn. Jenna Preston's sold like wildfire and Raptures was her top seller for weeks.

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All times are GMT. The time now is - Archive - Top. User Name. You'll have to throw up a link when Rapture's done with that next clip, though. Yeah, Rapture wanted to make the video 10 minutes long for me so she kind of improvised with the different scissorholds as the video went on.

What would you guys like to see in Xenia Onatopp videos? That is perfect as a sauna reenactment.

My next request will most likely be from Primal Transformations or maybe Missa? Last ».

I know that doesn't matter as much to other people but it makes the videos a hundred times more erotic in my opinion. She's great but is very expensive. Find all posts by gh0sthorse. There is something so sexy about a women bringing a man to bed and crushing him the way she does. I wish there was a store dedicated to just Xenia Onatopp reenactments honestly.

Find all posts by slcglenn. XOL Member.

Xenia - Custom. All the videos with the Xenia theme sell really well. Attached Images. Send a private message to gman Find all posts by gman Similar Thre.

I might ask Rapture to do a Xenia Onatopp Sauna scene next. I enjoy those types of videos too but I'm more into seduction and male demise type videos with the woman using her body as a weapon and a source of pleasure at the same time. I'm really wanting to do videos that are more cinematic like the scene in the movie. Send a private message to gh0sthorse. I've requested two from Jenna Preston now.

Attached Images vlcsnaph50m32s Last edited by XOL; Jun at Unless, of course, you have any recommendations for clips that are like the steam room squeeze with Xenia? I'm open to ideas. I'll definitely post a link to the next video for you guys. Have you picked up the Sophia Stone one in the link? I'm into having nudity though. Old movie - Xenia Onatopp style. BeastallboyCAG00eatb64ekirkkelroy8fhi9y75galaxy advisoryherpkill21HildegardisaiapandurijimmyCricketMabarjorelmrrassleswithgirlsnhcubfanNincenoleg22Onatoppparg02spostpostrhendrickssitStrongBrianT-RexworshipherwzXeniaFan81zeofven.