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Eros center koblenz

Climate change, globalization and urbanization are driving factors behind flood events and their consequences. As a company dedicated to helping its large commercial and industrial property clients manage their risk and insure operating resilience, FM Global has conducted extensive research—building on the data and experience of noted governmental and research organizations—to develop a Global Flood Map that identifies areas exposed to moderate- or high-hazard flooding.

Eros Center Koblenz

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To do this we need to take these global mapping products and actually make useful maps and applications with them that will help people all over the world understand water.

Global Hydro datasets are invaluable to the people of planet earth because they make it possible to map, track, and model our water resources—abilities necessary to plan for and sustain life as we know it. HYDRO1K data covers every continent, and includes a hydrologically corrected DEM, streams and drainage basins, and other ancillary data sets like flow direction. Related Content: water hydro hydro1k hydrosheds world water.

ArcGIS Blog. Read this article.

Major river basins of the World: Major rivers classified by their mean annual runoff. The data products were derived from hydrologically conditioned SRTM data, and the resolution ranges from 90 meters to 10 km, with a seamless near-global extent www.

They need to reach a broader audience than just scientists and academics. The suite of data includes river networks, watershed boundaries, drainage directions, and flow accumulations. But, these datasets need to be moved a step further than where they are now.

Special thanks for Caitlin Scopel for providing this post. HydroSHEDS makes it possible to produce quality watershed analyses, hydrologic modeling, and water conservation and planning at regional and global levels for parts of the world that are largely unmapped. We need to use these invaluable resources to their full potential, and help save the world!

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